How to survive SSMS Crash

So I was just about to finish the greatest piece of tSql code ever conceived (/*with multiline comments*/) when SSMS crashed suddenly/box was restarted/rebooted/lost power/suffered rapid unscheduled disassembly etc. When I opened Management Studio for the first time after the crash there was only single script recovered that was anything but my Magnum Opus. Of course I can’t go back in time and retrieve it from my memory because that clearly was one off and now planets are not aligned.

The Road to Autonomous Databases

My abstract has been accepted and I’m super excited about opportunity to speak at UK Azure User Group! For long time I’ve been thinking and experimenting how to automate and optimise DBA tasks. Is it possible to replace DBAs with algorithms? What instrumentation would be needed to do that? If you’re interested – I’m going to give that talk in December and there are still some spots left so please register.