AWS at PASS Summit 2018

This year I’ve attended my first PASS Summit ever. Yes it was great and special and I even had an opportunity to present by participating in Speaker Idol competition where I introduced concept of IQ Test for Sql Server to explain Tech Intensity (another post to come - judges where shaken, fortunately not stirred). But all these I had anticipated upfront. Maybe except judges. What is really interesting and caught me completely off-guard was huge presence of AWS.

Most exciting MS Ignite 2017 announcement?

A lot of important announcements were made at Microsoft Ignite 2017. I asked my peers from Sql Server Community ( what they are most excited about and results are below.

SQLDay conference

Kaizen, or continuous improvement, requires moving beyond your comfort zone and continuously pushing yourself onwards. Although the momentum of this initiative is often difficult to sustain, this simple training method has helped me in so many ways. I’ve used it to prepare for triathlons and I have also been using it with great success in my professional life. Continuous improvement as a Data Engineer requires being open to new ideas, accepting new challenges, and exploring new prospects.