AWS at PASS Summit 2018

This year I’ve attended my first PASS Summit ever. Yes it was great and special and I even had an opportunity to present by participating in Speaker Idol competition where I introduced concept of IQ Test for Sql Server to explain Tech Intensity (another post to come - judges where shaken, fortunately not stirred). But all these I had anticipated upfront. Maybe except judges. What is really interesting and caught me completely off-guard was huge presence of AWS.

Auditing in Azure Sql Data Warehouse

Auditing in Azure Sql Data Warehouse First article in a series on “Security Intelligence in Azure PaaS” inspired me to write about auditing in Azure Sql Data Warehouse. Auditing to put it simply for person new to GRC (which stands for Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) is just like logging, but in expensive suite and a tie. Business tends to understand its purpose, requirements and is aware of attached price tag. Azure Sql Data Warehouse is relatively new MPP (after Massively Parallel Processing architecture) database offering based on Parallel Data Warehouse with generation 2 (optimised compute) generally available.

How to securely access PaaS resources with 'Allow access to Azure services' option disabled?

With June fast approaching I’m in the middle of “Security Intelligence in Azure PaaS” tour with 4 Sql Saturdays and 2 user groups still to go. So far it’s been very positive experience and I was able to capture a fair bit of feedback. Along the way I got interesting questions from both attendees and fellow presenters. Today I’m going to answer one of the most common which is “How to securely access Sql Database/Sql Datawarehouse/Cosmos DB from Azure when ‘Allow access to Azure services’ option is disabled?